Monday, October 4, 2010

GCA Drawing Competition Awards Reception

Drawing Competition Awards Reception

Here are some photos from the reception on Friday night. I'm still waiting to receive photos of the drawings themselves, so keep checking back! I will post them as soon as possible. Meanwhile, American Painting Video Magazine posted a little video of the reception on their facebook page that briefly shows the winning drawings, so check it out.

The Judges: Michael Klein, Edward Minoff, and Scott Waddell

Edward Minoff shakes the hand of first place winner Darren Kingsley

the crowd goes wild!

The Winning Drawings

Here are the winners!
Drawing skills are the bedrock of good painting, and the foundation on which form and color can most truthfully be expressed. It is incumbent on the artist to routinely sharpen and develop these skills from life. The intent of this competition is to bring greater prestige and honor to those artists who have devoted time and energy to honing these abilities. It will be a pure test of drawing skills.
The draftsman who executes the most beautiful drawing will be awarded the Grand Prize accompanied by the title, Apelles. The second place prize includes the title, Protogenes. The winning draftsmen will hold these titles until the next annual competition.

by Darren Kingsley: Grand Prize, Apelles

by Will St. John: Second Prize, Protogenes

by Carla Crawford: Honorable Mention

Viewing the drawings at the awards reception

Camie "life of the party" Davis, we love you!

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