Thursday, August 11, 2011

Painted Sketches

Hey Everyone, so I was able to take a few more photos of some of my Plein Air Sketches. These were all done quite rapidly and the purpose of these paintings were to capture the scene, mood and colors of nature. I may in the near future use these works as reference when working on larger studio paintings. We will see, in the meantime I hope that you enjoy these paintings.

Painting from N/S Lake

Another View of N/S Lake

Mountains at Platte Clove
These next paintings are of Sunsets. Every night we would gather at an overlook on a hill and try our best to capture the ever changing moments of the setting sun. Some evenings I was able to paint up to four stages of the sunsetting. Other nights I was lucky if I could pull one painting off. Each days posed a different challenge to confront, whether it be changing clouds, humidity, dust, heavy atmosphere, or last but not least those F@#*ing Bugs! I learned everything played a factor on the colors of the sunset. Although as time went on I became able to predict what color may arrive depending on the conditions of the day. This gave me an advantage in the painting because I could then begin to premix colors I thought I would see.

Sunset #1

Sunset #2
Pink Clouds
Sunset #3
 In addition to painting the sunset I also Painted with the sun to the back of me. Reverse Sunsets are very beautiful and a lot cooler in color.

Reverse #1

Reverse #2

Reverse With Moon


  1. Awesome bro! The body of work you produced is just exceptional, Bravo!

  2. I lost intrest in painting 4 more dan 10yrs and am learning again.thanks brotha