Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Still Life Demo at Utrecht

Hey All!!! I just wanted to let everyone know that Utrecht Art Supply in Providence, RI contacted me to do a painting demo in their store. From what I gather there will be quite an event going on and the store will be open till midnight. So this Friday, October 30th I will be painting from 12pm - 5pm. I decided to paint a still life of a Pumpkin for holiday purposes and also because my good friend Jonathan Aller was asked to do the same for Dick Blick. He and I are both co-founders of the Pushing Pigments Project which is a group of artist that choose the same subject to paint in order to compare each others processes. As of late we have sort of let it fall by the wayside. In order to revive our old project and not let it die completely he and I have decided to post our Pumpkin paintings to that blog. You may click on his link to see some of his wonderful Alla Prima Studies.
So if anyone can stop by on Friday just come in and introduce yourself. It would be great to chat with other artist and enthusiast. Thank You very much and see you later.

Friday the 30th from 12pm to 5pm
200 Wickenden Street
Providence, RI 02903

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