Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The No Evil Series

The No Evil Series is a triptych that I worked on during my last stay in Italy. The idea actually came to me from a tattoo client. He wanted the typical monkey motif we all know. He being a client that I've tattooed for a number of years I was able to offered him an other perspective to his idea. I suggested that we come up with and alternative subject other than the monkeys and still keep with in the meaning of the piece. The best thing I came up with was an other typical tattoo image, the skull. We placed three skulls side by side with a red fabric and roses intertwined and holding together these heads. The fabric doubled as a device of unity and in covering the eyes, ears and mouth of the skulls instead of hands.
Ever since I made that tattoo I've wanted to reuse the essence of that image. As you will see I have again changed the objects but the meaning is still there. I hope that you enjoy the work and thank you for viewing.

Hear No Evil

See no Evil
Speak No Evil