Monday, January 24, 2011

The Angel Academy of Art's Academic Process Videos

Hi all!!! My old school in Florence, Italy The Angel Academy of Art just sent me these great videos on the school and it's working process. The videos were shot very well and it made me home sick to go back and study there. It's been four years since I graduated and been in a class room environment. I miss the friendly competition and the sharing of technique and ideas. Looking back I realize how much I really learned at the Angel Academy. Being a professional tattoo artist for over fourteen years I thought I knew a thing or two about art and drawing. After studying at Angel under Michael John Angel, Jered Wiznicki, and Martinho Isidro Correia I found out that under there shadow I had a lot to learn. The three instructors basically built me up from scratch and taught me an invaluable discipline that I'm still trying to perfect. 

So these videos are the first two of three that give a brief overview of the deep academic process of the Angel Academy of Art. I either could not find the third video or it is just not finished. If anyone is Planning to study in this tradition and has the monetary means I would definitely consider checking out Angel.

I look forward to seeing the third video and when I do I'll make sure to update this post. 

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