Monday, January 31, 2011


Hey all!!! Here is a painting I just finished a little while ago.  My friend Tristen was kind enough to pose for me. I'm sorry For the poor quality photos in this post. I wasn't really planning to document this painting. I just took a couple shot here and there with my Iphone. I think that you are able to get the picture of the different stages it took to make this portrait.

I initially started this portrait as a sketch and had no intention of bringing it any further. I just wanted an excuse to play with charcoal.

I later decide maybe I'll do a color study and play with some backlighting.

So by the time I got to this point I said to myself I might as well finish the painting.

I enjoyed making this painting. I started it in a carefree way not worried about the outcome. For me it was a nice break from the gallery work I usually do.  I didn't agonize over if the drawing was correct, if the colors were perfect or not. It just reminded me to have fun with my work and continue to grow.


  1. Awesome bro!

    I agree with what you said about not being worried about it being so perfect, if you have fun with it it'll convey through the painting. Again awesome painting!

  2. Gorgeous painting, really like your blog, and the fact that you also show some sequels.